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 The mission of Adult Formation is to encourage and inspire our congregation to become lifelong and faithful followers of Christ.  Just as much of Jesus’ ministry took place on roads and hillsides outside the synagogue, trips with FPC outside the walls of the church provide meaningful and transformational education.

 FPC travelers immerse themselves in experiential learning, share their new findings with fellow travelers, and observe how studying in alternative contexts inspires fresh insights when they return home. Join FPC Travels for a first-hand look at how God is at work in the world.

Civil Rights Trip Alabama

APRIL 18 – 24, 2024

Members of First Presbyterian and First United Presbyterian Church will embark on a transformative three-day journey to explore the history of the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama. We will visit iconic landmarks, engage in meaningful discussion, share moments of introspection, and connect with fellow travelers as we delve into the pivotal events that shaped our nation.

This immersive experience promises not only to educate but also to inspire and renew our commitment to justice and equality for all God’s people. Join us as we honor the legacy of those who fought for freedom and continue the journey towards a more just and inclusive future.

Registration opens January 17, 2024.


Journey to Scotland


Stand in cathedrals where the preaching of the Scottish Reformers stirred deep passions; walk the shores of Iona where Celtic spirituality flourishes to this day; visit castles and battlefields where proud Scots defended their country; and experience the beauty of the rugged Scottish terrain.

Guided by Jim Wallace, a Scottish pastor and former PCUSA pastor, the trip will be grounded in faith through morning prayers, visits to various kirks, and Sunday morning worship at St. Giles’ Cathedral. Join the tour to explore the history of Scotland, the roots of Presbyterianism deep in the Scottish earth, and the warmth and hospitality of the Scottish people all while building friendships of a lifetime.

*This trip is now full, but a waitlist is available*

Journey to the Holy Land

MARCH 26 – APRIL 8, 2025 (tentative)

Discover a deeper appreciation for the stories of the Bible. Walk the land traversed by beloved biblical figures. Experience the culture underlying the ancient Scriptural texts. This trip with members and friends of First Presbyterian Church offers you the chance to feel scripture and faith come alive. Evenings include devotional reflection time and fun, invigorating connection with each other. Join us for a journey of personal transformation.

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