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“My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places” (Isaiah 32:18). This is not a reality in Charlotte.

Many of our fellow citizens have not had the opportunity to find “secure dwellings” due to a history of poverty, race-based deed restrictions, discriminatory lending practices, strict zoning codes, and more. Charlotte has families struggling to meet their rent, and individuals on the street because of a lost job, an unexpected illness, and mental health issues. They are all our brothers and sisters in Christ. As such, we are called to address the systems, economies, and injustices that led to wrongs of the past – and to work together to ensure access to affordable housing for all our neighbors in the future.

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Where Affordable Housing Is Being Built In Charlotte, and Where It Isn’t

Housing & Homelessness

Where to build affordable housing because the "Areas of Opportunity" sadly aren’t always where the opportunities are.

5-10 minutes

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Charlotte’s Economic Mobility Wakeup Call: The 2014 Chetty Study and Where We Are Now

Housing & Homelessness

An update on Charlotte one year after the Chetty Study poor economic mobility findings were shared.

30-60 minutes


Can Charlotte Re-Sort Itself?

Housing & Homelessness

One year ago, the city passed a landmark zoning reform (UDO) aimed at reversing a century of segregation. The battle still rages.

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Read Freedom Communities' 2023 Impact Summary

Read Freedom Communities’ 2023 Impact Summary and learn about the housing and early education impact they are making in our community. Learn More.

Explore the National Housing Conference (NHC) Paycheck to Paycheck Affordability Tool

Give to the special Easter Offering opportunity to support affordable housing in the Westerly Hills neighborhood

March 3, 2024

Donations to the Easter Offering will be matched by the church and will help make the new Alleghany Townhomes near Westerly Hills Elementary School more affordable for hard working neighbors by reducing the purchase price.