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“My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places” (Isaiah 32:18). This is not a reality in Charlotte.

Many of our fellow citizens have not had the opportunity to find “secure dwellings” due to a history of poverty, race-based deed restrictions, discriminatory lending practices, strict zoning codes, and more. Charlotte has families struggling to meet their rent, and individuals on the street because of a lost job, an unexpected illness, and mental health issues. They are all our brothers and sisters in Christ. As such, we are called to address the systems, economies, and injustices that led to wrongs of the past – and to work together to ensure access to affordable housing for all our neighbors in the future.

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing & Homelessness Data Fact Sheet (2022)

Housing & Homelessness

A document detailing critical facts about Homelessness and Housing Instability in Charlotte.

5-10 minutes

Podcast/Audio File

Solving Homelessness: Gregg Colburn

Housing & Homelessness

An interview with Gregg Colburn, author of "Homelessness is a Housing Problem"

30-60 minutes


National Housing Conference – Paycheck To Paycheck Affordability Tool

Housing & Homelessness

NHC’s Paycheck to Paycheck database illustrates the ability – or lack thereof – of working families to afford typical housing in metropolitan areas across the country by comparing wage data and housing costs.

5-10 minutes

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Take Action

Listen, Read, Attend "Poverty, by America"

November 30 | 7-9 pm

Author of “Poverty, by America,” Matthew Desmond, explores the idea that systemic issues, such as wage stagnation, lack of affordable housing, and a lackluster social safety net, are the root causes of the comparatively high rates of poverty in the U.S., and also, that poverty may exists because we want it to. Start with listening to the interview, read the book, and then register to attend the discussion led by Rev. Lucy Crain on Nov. 30. | Listen | Register

Build Two Habitat Homes


Watch a Recording of a FPC Affordable Housing Small Group Discussion

Small group discussions were hosted in May and June 2023. This 30-minute recording includes an introduction about Give Impact, the purpose of the gatherings, the need for affordable housing, and a conclusion from FPC senior minister Pen Peery. | Watch