Advocacy Ministry

The Advocacy Committee seeks to help First Presbyterian learn about the challenges facing our neighbors in Charlotte and to inform the congregation about opportunities for addressing those challenges, both individually and as a church.

Our four main areas of advocacy are listed below. You can click into each topic page to learn more about each. We also have a searchable resources section for you to learn on your own time. 

Homelessness + Housing

Housing stability is a crucial part of upward mobility. What are the challenges in Charlotte, and how can we address them?


Quality education provides opportunities to move out of poverty. What are the barriers to equitable access and how can we help remove them?


Anti-racism is active endorsement of policies and ideas, by individuals and institutions, that lead to racial equity.  What steps must we take as a church and as individuals to become anti-racist?

Plowshares Book Group

Through discussions of challenging books, we hope to learn more about people in our community and the issues they face.


We want to understand challenges, amplify voices, explore opportunities, and take action within our community. Below is a list of resources to help you learn and grow.


Type of Resource


Mona Lisa’s checklist: A homeless woman’s quest to ‘just get a job’ in Charlotte

Housing + Homelessness

The decade since the Great Recession has filled pockets of many people who live here in the fastest growing city in the southeast, but it’s also widened the gap between those people who have and those who don’t.


CharMeck State of Housing Instability & Homelessness Report

Housing + Homelessness

A collection of reports that utilizes local data to provide informative and actionable research to engage a variety of stakeholders including elected officials, policymakers, funders, service providers, people with lived experience, media outlets, and the general community.


Why Are American Public Schools Still So Segregated?

Equity in Education

A look at the history of school segregation, gains, and setbacks from the 60s until now.


Statement on the Death of George Floyd


The statement was made by Union Presbyterian Seminary President Brian K. Blount on the death of George Floyd and nationwide protests over police mistreatment of African Americans.

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Updates and information directly from the Advocacy Committee.  

Partners & Volunteer Opportunities

Roof Above

Homelessness + Housing

Make and fill soup cups and assemble lunch bags to be picked up by visitors at their College Street campus.

Tutor a Child

Equity + Education

The following programs partner with the school, providing curriculum, training and coordinators to support volunteers: Heart Math Tutoring, Read Charlotte, Augustine Literacy Project.

Food Pantry Support

Equity + Education

Provide for the pantry at Westerly Hills Academy on a monthly basis or serve on the team that delivers food to the school.

Join an Advocacy Subcommittee

Join an Advocacy Committee subcommittee: Homelessness and Housing, Anti-Racism, Equity in Education, Plowshares Book Group, or Communications

Build with Habitat

Homelessness + Housing

Help families build and improve places to call home with mortgages that are affordable. First Presbyterian partners with Habitat for Humanity Charlotte to build a home each fall.

21-Day Racial Equity Challenge


Each day you’ll receive an e-mail with links to sites where you will learn about facets of racial equity.  Many at First Presbyterian have completed this challenge. 

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