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Climate Change

We believe that climate change is among the largest challenges ever faced by humanity and disproportionately affects disadvantaged people around the world and in Charlotte, including people of color.  

We seek to provide understandable information and education about the science that underlies our belief about climate change and lead prayerful responses to mitigate its effect by addressing the root cause of climate change for members of First Presbyterian and in the Greater Charlotte area.

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Vital Signs of our Planet

Climate Change

Real time metrics to understand our planet – from global temperature rise to carbon dioxide emissions. Provided by NASA.

5-10 minutes


How Do We Know Climate Change Is Real?

Climate Change

There is unequivocal evidence that earth is warming at an unprecedented rate. Human activity is the principal cause.

5-10 minutes

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Take Action

Here you will find ways to improve your environmental footprint. 

Calculate your carbon Footprint

Use the calculator below to find out with EPA’s Household Carbon Footprint Calculator.