Plowshares Book Group

A First Presbyterian Church book discussion group that meets 4-5 times per year and is open to FPC and community members. Through discussions of challenging books, we hope to learn more about people in our community and the issues they face. We also seek to deepen our relationships with each other and to better understand what our walks with Christ should look like.

We occasionally sponsor panel discussions (“Living Room Learning” during Covid) on topics of community interest related to our book studies.

Visit the “Do” section below, church publications and on the FPC website to participate in future book discussions and register for “Living Room Learning”.

Featured Resources


Mona Lisa’s checklist: A homeless woman’s quest to ‘just get a job’ in Charlotte

Housing + Homelessness

The decade since the Great Recession has filled pockets of many people who live here in the fastest growing city in the southeast, but it’s also widened the gap between those people who have and those who don’t.


CharMeck State of Housing Instability & Homelessness Report

Housing + Homelessness

A collection of reports that utilizes local data to provide informative and actionable research to engage a variety of stakeholders including elected officials, policymakers, funders, service providers, people with lived experience, media outlets, and the general community.


Why Are American Public Schools Still So Segregated?

Equity in Education

A look at the history of school segregation, gains, and setbacks from the 60s until now.

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Take Action

Join discussion on Decolonizing Wealth by Edgar Villanueva, October 7, 2021 @6:30 via Zoom. Villanueva explores the $1 trillion dollar philanthropy industry’s shadows and offers his Seven Steps of Healing to encourage individuals and institutions to repair the damage. Note the option to read the second edition of the book, expected to be available starting in August 2021. With question or to sign up for the event, email

Gather a group of your own to read and discuss one of the books Plowshares has studied. We are happy to share the discussion agenda, discussion questions, author bio, and book summary we used. Reach out to for a copy of the resources.

Email for additional links, articles, and resources provided to attendees associated with each book or topic.”