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Equitable education means giving every student access to the resources and educational rigor they need regardless of race, gender, language, disability, family background, or family income. The goal is for all children to achieve their highest potential as individuals and to become productive members of society.

The Equity and Education subcommittee has chosen three main focus areas:

  1. WESTERLY HILLS ACADEMY + CORE CHURCH – Expand support for students and families in zip code 28208 many of whom are negatively impacted by poverty, hunger, lack of affordable housing stability, (over)working parents, and lack of transportation. Explore opportunities for partnering with Core Church to support these families
  2. COVID-19 TRAUMA – Ensure training for partners (teachers, administrators, tutors) to understand the added layer of trauma created by the pandemic and the mental/emotional health consequences.
  3. LITERACY – Encourage best practices for reading mastery (a bellwether predictor for success in school) from the earliest possible age and engage more FPC members in proven effective literacy programs.

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What Costs $1,000 Per Student and Might Help Children Learn to Read?

Equity in Education

A new study found that California schools got positive results from a targeted investment in the science of reading — even with the challenges of pandemic recovery.

Less than 5 minutes


Skipping School: America’s Hidden Education Crisis

Equity in Education

Absenteeism has nearly doubled since the pandemic. With state and federal governments largely abdicating any role in getting kids back into classrooms, some schools have turned to private companies for a reimagined version of the truant officer.

10-30 minutes


‘High-dosage’ tutoring is getting students back up to speed, schools say. But its future is uncertain

Equity in Education

Thousands of children have been served each year in dozens of school systems, and their exam scores have been going up, but much of the money that pays for the tutoring is about to dry up.

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Westerly Hills - Help in Food Pantry

Help with Eagle Bucks School Store

(a behavior and attendance incentive)

HELPS and Heart Tutoring

HELPS is offered Tues-Thurs from 9:15-10:15am and Heart is offered 11-11:30am on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays and 12:20 – 1:20 Mon-Thursdays.

HELPS and Heart both have students waitlisted at Westerly Hills Academy, so they are recruiting and providing training for a cohort of tutors for 2nd semester (February – May) to help students catch up before the end of the school year.