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Equitable education means giving every student access to the resources and educational rigor they need regardless of race, gender, language, disability, family background, or family income. The goal is for all children to achieve their highest potential as individuals and to become productive members of society.

The Equity and Education subcommittee has chosen three main focus areas:

  1. WESTERLY HILLS ACADEMY + CORE CHURCH – Expand support for students and families in zip code 28208 many of whom are negatively impacted by poverty, hunger, lack of affordable housing stability, (over)working parents, and lack of transportation. Explore opportunities for partnering with Core Church to support these families
  2. COVID-19 TRAUMA – Ensure training for partners (teachers, administrators, tutors) to understand the added layer of trauma created by the pandemic and the mental/emotional health consequences.
  3. LITERACY – Encourage best practices for reading mastery (a bellwether predictor for success in school) from the earliest possible age and engage more FPC members in proven effective literacy programs.

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New SAT Data Highlights the Deep Inequality at the Heart of Education

Equity in Education

The differences in how rich and poor children are educated start very early.

5-10 minutes


How can CMS improve student performance? 2023 school board candidates offer answers

Equity in Education

"Committing to teacher development and using more technology are ways to boost student performance in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, according to candidates running for school board."

5-10 minutes


Why do we let our General Assembly dismantle public education?

Equity in Education

Opinion piece written by FPC member John Tate

Less than 5 minutes

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Need Heart Math Tutors and HELPS reading tutors.


November 7

Vote in our upcoming elections.

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