Life Events

Life is more than just Sunday morning. At First Presbyterian, we facilitate meaninful worship services for life’s most significant events: baptism, weddings, and funeral or memorial services.

If we can come alongside your family during these time, please let us know how we can serve you.


In baptism, we enter into a covenantal relationship that binds us to Christ and to one another. During baptism, you are asked questions of faith, or in the case of infant baptism, parents are asked. You will commit to raising your child to know and follow Jesus, and the congregational also claims its responsibility for nurturing its newest member.

First Presbyterian baptizes infants, children, and adults.


The wedding ceremony is a service of worship in which the church celebrates marriage as a gift of God. First Presbyterian accepts wedding date applications from those who have been active congregation members for at least six months, or whose parents are active members.

Our chapel is the perfect venue for smaller, more intimate ceremonies. The sanctuary, with its classic architecture and central aisle, is ideal for a larger, more formal service.

Funerals and Memorial Services

In the event of the death of a church member, please contact the church office at 704.332.5123.

Just as the church embraces us throughout our lives, so too does it stand ready to embrace us in death and to support those who grieve. On our campus, the Bradford Memorial Columbarium offers a beautiful and peaceful place for the interment of the cremated remains of church members and their immediate family members.

For more information about funerals at First Presbyterian Church, please read or download our Funeral Policy.

End-of-Life Decisions

To help with such sensitive matters as end-of-life decisions and funeral plans, our Congregational Support Committee has created a resource, Putting My House in Order and Preparing for My Death.

With this booklet, you have the opportunity to give your family the extraordinary gift of information, preparation and peace of mind.

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