Our faith in Jesus Christ leads us to address racism as a theological issue not a political one by actively addressing structures, policies, ideas, and practices that create inequities because of the color of one’s skin.

We will work individually and as a congregation to actively eliminate racism in ourselves, our church, our community, and the world around us.

This sub-committee’s initial work will be to develop a process for the FPC Session, other committees, and interested individuals to use to lead our church toward becoming anti-racist. The members of the committee will also provide support as we move through this work.

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How the Word Is Passed


I’m talking to writer, teacher, and scholar Dr. Clint Smith about his new book, How the Word Is Passed: A Reckoning with the History of Slavery Across America. We talk about the history of slavery in this country and how we approach, excavate, recognize, and react to that history—and how we have a responsibility and accountability to get the story and the history right.

60+ minutes


I Want US History to Make my Kids Uncomfortable


A perspective on teaching racial history written by Charlotte Presbyterian pastor, Kate Murphy.

Less than 5 minutes


Can We Talk About Critical Race Theory?


Jay Caspian Kang provides a more nuanced view of Critical Race Theory.

Less than 5 minutes

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Take Action

Here you will find ways to begin working toward being anti-racist. 

Educate Yourself

Continue to educate yourself on racial history and current issues. Ask yourself how being a Christian / Presbyterian should influence your actions.

Take the Racial Equity 21-Day Challenge

Each day you’ll receive an e-mail with links to sites where you will learn about facets of racial equity. Many from FPC have completed this challenge. | Complete the Challenge


Develop Friendships + Discuss Issues

Develop interracial friendships and discuss relevant issues. Place yourself in circumstances and situations which will nurture such friendships.