Lenten Devotional for March 13th

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Reflection on Today’s Devotional:

“When is the last time you carried no guilt with you? I’d bet that for a lot of us it’s been a pretty long time. Guilt is heavy. And exhausting. And painful. Guilt often comes with other emotions like fear and shame, that are heavy and painful in their own right. 

In this verse, Paul reminds the Corinthians, and us, what true repentance looks like: eagerness to take action to right the wrong. The first step to doing this? Accepting that we have wronged someone and taking responsibility for our actions. This can be the hardest part and it’s often the most painful, but it’s also necessary if we truly want to right the wrong.  

In this season, what wrong is God calling you to take action on? How will you respond?” – Sara Kidd (FPC Young Adult)




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