Lenten Devotional for April 3rd

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Reflection on Today’s Devotional:

“In the Avatar movie series, the inhabitants of Pandora greet each other by saying, Oel ngati kameie, which translates to “I see you” in the native language. Other cultures and peoples here on Earth have rituals of a similar kind, where the greeting is both a hello and an acknowledgment of the other persons divine nature. I like to think this passage speaks to a similar recognition of what God has crafted all of us with. Its important we recognize that in others, and even more important that we recognize that in ourselves too. It’s easy to get bogged down with negative self image, disappointment, mistakes we make, but “because love is from God” we should not lose sight that we too are from love, because all we are is from God. It is in our DNA. Just as we see others for who they are, the love they come from, we cannot forget to see ourselves, and the very same love we come from.” – Tristan Wall (FPC Adult)


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