A Note About Our Parking Lot

Church Parking Lot on 312 W Trade St


Dear FPC Family,

There are so many exciting updates underway on our campus over the summer that will be ready for us to enjoy as the fall rolls around! I hope you are following along with our regular construction updates.

I wanted to make you aware of one campus update that will happen over the summer.

As of July 5, 2022, you will notice a new gate system in use in our parking lot entrance. This gate system will look and feel a lot like the ones you see in other parking decks and lots throughout uptown, and will replace our old gates, which are now outdated and therefore can no longer be repaired.  With Session approval, the Property Committee worked to identify a gate system that uses better technology, aids our partnership with Preferred Parking, and ensures easy parking for church members and visitors when visiting our church.

What Isn’t Changing
·         Parking will still be free of charge for FPC members and visitors when on campus for worship, church-related business, and church events.
·         Gates will remain open on Sundays, and for larger events such as funerals and weddings.
·         Gate arms will be in the closed position Monday through Saturday and when we are not holding worship.

What Is Changing
·         We are replacing the use of a parking code with a ticket validation system.

How will the new system work?
·         Upon entering the lot, you will press a button to receive a ticket.
·         If you are at church during business hours, you can have your ticket validated for free parking at one of three validation stations located throughout the church facility (Reception area, CDC entry door, and Church street building security desk).
·         Badge and fob holders (church and school staff) will be able to use their cards to enter and exit. No ticket is required.
·         All other parking in the lot for public use (ie, those not coming inside the church) will be required to pay when exiting the lot. Tickets may not be validated for parking that is not church related or outside of business hours.

This is an exciting change for our church, but one that may take some transition time for those of us who are used to the old system. If you have any questions about the new system, please contact Operations Manager, Jim Tyndall at jtyndall@firstpres-charlotte.org.

Anna Dickson