Lenten Devotional for March 6th

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Reflection on Today’s Devotional:

“Moses famously balked at God’s commandment to bring God’s people out of Egypt by doubting his own abilities: “I have never been eloquent… but I am slow of speech.” (Ex. 4:10) I have similarly doubted my abilities both by limiting them and by over-stating them.  

In my younger days I believed that I could do just about anything and would rather have installed the light switch, repaired the toilet, or cooked the complicated dish than call in the experts. Needless to say, my naïve efforts revealed a truth about my abilities – they are limited. They also created a pattern that is common to many of us – a reluctance to try for fear of inadequacy.  

How can we fully trust our abilities? The truth is, we can’t. Moses couldn’t, but he nevertheless led the Israelites out of Egypt. When self-limitation dictates my yes or no to some needed task, I am making the task about me – as Moses did – not about the need for action. Maybe I – like Moses – should practice giving myself freely with trust that I will find strength and that others will offer grace for my shortcomings.” – Garrell Keesler (FPC Adult)