Lenten Devotional for February 26th

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As Lent begins, we feel the familiar rhythm and rituals of this liturgical season. Often, we change our habits during lent as a way to experience God more and notice God in our everyday lives.  There are many ways people do this.  They may give up chocolate.  They may commit to sending a handwritten note everyday.  They might fast on Fridays.  They might sign up to volunteer.  We do these things to disrupt the normal rhythm of our lives.  This disruption then  reminds us to pause, look, and listen for the presence of the Lord.  

This year, our lenten devotional offers a habit and spiritual practice, the Daily Examen.  The Examen is a century old prayer form that allows you to reflect on what has brought you closer to God and what distanced you from God.  Personally, I have found the Examen to be a helpful spiritual discipline. It has allowed me to connect with God and view myself in a new perspective.  I hope you will use our Lent season to disrupt your routine with the Examen as presented in these devotionalsI want to thank our church members who contributed reflections. We are grateful to you for sharing your offerings to God.  

Also, in addition to following the Examen, I invite you to a new worship opportunity.  Reverend Mary Bowman, Parish Associate, leads our contemplative worship service every Sunday at 9:00 a.m in the Chapel..  It is a unique style of worship that creates a time and place of reflection so that we might experience the Trinity in new ways.  Join us and see how the contemplative service glorifies God.  Open yourself to listen and look for how God might reach you in a new way. God seeks to be in relationship with us so use these forty days to seek God for our benefit and God’s glory.

-Robert Galloway 








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