Biblically and theologically based lessons and discussions in this class help all ages of adults respond to the call to live faithfully in the world today. Topics include scriptural study, theology, mental wellness, and outreach.  Syllabus for the year. Register for Zoom:

SERMON ON THE MOUNT CLASS (begins September 10)

What does it all mean?  We have seen quotes from the Sermon on the Mount everywhere from pillows to posters, but what does this collection of Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 5 to 7 say to us?   What does it mean that we are blessed when we are at the end of our rope?  To seek God’s kingdom before everything else?  To pray to someone who is our father?  From the Beatitudes to the Lord’s Prayer, this collection of Jesus’ teachings is some of the best known but most frequently misunderstood passages of Scripture.

Join to explore together these familiar words and the light they shine on living a life of faith here and now.  Led by The Reverends John & Becky Hart

The First Presbyterian Contemplative Service at 9 a.m. will also feature the Sermon on the Mount.  This collaborative approach provides a way to hear Jesus’ teachings with both heart and head over these five weeks.

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