Devotional for December 6

God and Advent are two things that you’d think would go together hand in hand, never one without the other, but frankly, that isn’t always the case. We can get so caught up in the whirlwind of things going on that we can forget that this is all in preparation to celebrate God and the love he gave to us through the gift of his infant son. I get so caught up looking forward to the long break from school that I forget why we have the time off in the first place. Whenever I notice this, I always come back to “Silent Night.” Hearing it sung with the lights low, candles raised high, with a whispered yet equally triumphant tone always reminds me where God is in Advent. He’s up in heaven waiting for us as his children to feel the love he has for us, like waiting to see the joy when the Christmas presents are unwrapped.

Evan Schmidt