Devotion for December 4th


I remember
the first time I was afraid.
I was a child.
It was a nightmare.
(You remember those pesky
monsters under the bed.)
I remember
minutes felt like hours.
I begged
the sun to rise.
(Fear always begs
the sun to rise.)

after minutes that felt
like hours,
I cried out.
My dad came running.
He sat at the edge of my bed.
He said there is no reason
to be afraid.
He checked the closet and
the floorboards.
He rearranged my pillows.
He said, “I can stay.”

And that’s when I learned
that when you are afraid,
love always comes running.
Love says, “I can stay.”

That’s what God does for us.
God sits at the edge of
the bed.
God checks the closet
and the floorboards.
God says, “Be not afraid.”
God stays until sunrise.
Love always comes

Poem by
Rev. Sarah (Are) Speed

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